This is an idea I’ve thought of before, and I mentioned it to JD and he seemed to actually encourage this behavior. The idea came up when I said the only way I would see Sucker Punch is if I could tweet the whole time, because I didn’t think all of my hatred could be accurately conveyed through a review. My question to you, dear readers, is whether or not you would be interested in something like this, or if you would prefer just sticking with the reviews? Should I tweet-review good movies or bad movies? Movies I’ve seen or never seen? How many people would get pissed at me for producing even more asinine material at 140 character intervals? I need your input, so leave it in the comments ya douche bags!

5 responses to “LIVE TWEETING EVENT (?)

  1. Why don’t you just do a live review via massive conference call w/ all of your readers? Or get us all walkie talkies. As for the seen/not seen debate, I could see how already having seen the movie would give you a leg up on the humorous quips. Do it that way.

    • Hmmm, I suppose the three of us COULD all got on a conference call. However, I don’t know if I want to watch a movie I’ve already seen, that’d make it too easy!

  2. My two cents goes like this, I’ve seen this done before, and I find it entertaining; however, as long as you include all your tweets here on your blog, I think it’ll work. Otherwise, are we just expected to sign up for Twitter and follow you at the exact moment you’re watching the movie? Is that really what you want us to do? And if I could, I’d make you watch fucking horrible movies like the Nightmare on Elm Street series or more Hellraiser movies. You make level-headed observations when you’re filled with rage.

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