Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002) [REVIEW]


This one has a character that was in the first three movies! Whoa! And she is married to a character played by Dean Winters, also known as Ryan O’ Riely from Oz as well as the Beeper King from 30 Rock is in this one, and we see him and his wife get into a car accident. He wakes up in a hospital and his wife is missing, and neither the authorities nor the hospital knows where she is. Now that she is gone, people who Dean works with are acting all strange, from some dude acting all shifty to his boss lady getting all sexy with him. He suffers from migraines and is having hallucinations, and basically has no fucking idea what’s going on. As more and more details emerge, it turns out that there was a plan with a few conspirators for Dean Winters’s character to kill his wife, and multiple people were going to split the inheritance. But then there are also flashbacks involving Dean Winters buying the magic puzzle box and giving it to his wife, and things get kind of confusing. I guess the reality of the situation is that his wife opened the puzzle box and unleashed Pinhead, and Pinhead was willing to exchange the wife’s soul if she provided him with five other souls, which were the other conspirators in her murder plot. Turns out that Dean is actually dead, and the weird hallucinations he has been having relate to what was actually happening to his body, and he’s dead, and is being tormented or something, and his wife is the one alive, safe from Pinhead.


Can you reach your beeper? I bet you wish your retarded brother Cyril?  Playing with the Rat King?

Remember the Hellraiser I reviewed before this one? Well, this one is basically the same. Except remember how with the previous one I said it was refreshing to see that style of a Hellraiser movie? Yeah, well, this one doesn’t work as well, probably because it’s such a similar concept. The previous one was about a homicide and a guy trying to get to the bottom of it, and this one is slightly different, but basically the same.The whole having a hallucinations thing and weird flashbacks and not knowing what is real and what is made up is basically the same, and you knew that something fishy was going on and the puzzle box was to blame. This one had less interesting imagery than the previous one, and less demons, but it had more Dean Winters, and Dean Winters is awesome.


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