White Noise 2: The Light (2007) [REVIEW]


I only just saw the first White Noise not all that long ago, and despite wanting to like it, it sucked. Even with Michael Keaton being involved, I had to trade it in to get a dollar at a used DVD store. I wouldn’t say that I necessarily sought after this sequel, and in fact, I had no idea it even existed. However, when you’re browsing the Netflix Instant new arrivals, and you see White Noise 2, how do you not watch it? Add to that the fact that Nathan Fillion was in this one and how can anyone stop me?! Well, no one did, and I watched it. And this is what it was about.


It’s almost like the shattered mirror represents your shattered life. ALMOST.

Nathan Fillion plays Abe Dale (I’m laughing at the name alone) who, of course, has a great life, until his wife and child are murdered in front of him. Not thinking he can go on living, he tries to overdose on drugs and ends up having a “Near Death Experience”, that people keep referring to as an NDE. Apparently this NDE has given him special powers, because he can’t walk up and down the street without seeing people glow, only to find out that those people die. He begins to intervene in these deaths, and starts feeling good about himself. Sadly, he realizes that the people he has saved end up going crazy and killing other people three days later. There is a lot of time wasted involving finding the guy who killed his family, trying to get information from him, and using codes and shit like that to figure out that apparently all this shit has to do with the devil. The reason he is figuring this stuff out is because his new girlfriend is someone he saved, and he doesn’t want her to freak out. Supposedly the only way to break the cycle is to kill himself? Which is something he does, and that ends the movie.


Bad news: you’re about to die, dude. Good news: Nathan Fillion is about to save you! Bad news: you’re going to freak out in a few days and crush that lady with a piano.

Really have no goddamned clue as to why this movie was a sequel to White Noise. My best guess is that someone wrote the script and the movie was made under the name of “The Light”, and someone paid enough money to add White Noise 2 to the front of it, in hopes of drawing in a larger audience. As if the first one wasn’t disappointing enough with the lack of scary TV images, this one had nothing to do with TVs! I think there were a couple of scenes where you saw TVs, but that’s about it. Despite that, I found this movie to be surprisingly fun. Sure, somewhere between the middle and the ending they made up a completely ridiculous and arbitrary justification of why these people were dying, but I was willing to put up with it. Not to mention the fact the the main character actually did die, rather than one of those last minutes saves. Just don’t go into this movie expecting Michael Keaton, because he’s nowhere to be found.


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