Shameless Self Promotion!

You guys all know that I deserve more traffic, so it looks like I’ll have to go out there and take it! There’s only so many places where I can continually post my URL, so I’m after some bigger targets. I tried posting some of my reviews on Reddit, and couldn’t figure it out. Same thing with Digg. I knew they were websites that people looked at, and I signed up with them, just wasn’t really sure how that would result in getting more clicks. However, having used StumbleUpon more frequently than those sites, I could figure it out a little bit easier. Only problem? SO far I’m the only one who has stumbled onto one of my posts. I thought that my post about the Top 10 Comic Book Twitters was pretty useful, so that’s what I submitted. What I’m asking of you? Either click this link, or if you have a StumbleUpon account, give it a little thumbs up! Even if you don’t like it that much, it’s fun to give things a thumbs up!;src:all

Also, if anyone has any suggestions of how to increase traffic, let me know! Or maybe if any of you have a personal favorite review, let me know what it is, because I have a hard time discerning what’s entertaining or not. Oh, and I am trying, once again, to watch the entire X-Men animated series from the early/mid 90’s. Five episodes down, 71 to go!

4 responses to “Shameless Self Promotion!

  1. You need to create a few hundred dozen flyers and start posting them across town. Also, business cards with just the URL on them, and hand them out at your work and when you go to conferences. (Never leave people standing with nothing.) Leave cryptic notes on car windshields in large parking lots with your website name in small print at the bottom. Create Craigslist ads with giveaway prizes that redirect them back to this site. Print out your first ever post and sell the analog version of it on eBay, then tell everyone you know about it. Make 500 postcards that include screenshots of your reviews and mail them to all your relatives on every holiday that comes along. Pay for advertising on a billboard. Go Where Your Customers Are. Monitor What Your Competitors Are Doing. Promote Exclusive Offers Through Social Media. Don’t Just Push Products and Promotions. Sell Products Through Social Networks. Do something unexpected. Make people feel something. Viral marketing is 100% about emotions. Join Forums, Web Rings or Online Groups. Nominate Yourself and Other Blogs for Blog Awards. Write Often. When making blog posts always cite the source with a link and don’t be afraid to mention popular bloggers by name. Use keywords in the blog post title, in the body of the post and use anchor text when you link to previous posts you’ve made. Use your blog to gain press/media credentials at relevant industry conferences and use the event to create content, connections and increase your knowledge. Do interviews with other bloggers. Ignore the year and read the list:

    Also, review the Jeepers Creepers movies, and review the Leprechaun movies.

      • Only if I can then go through your review and then only select words I like to form my own review. This certainly is called “The WolfMAN Cometh”, not “The WolfGANG Cometh”. I know how easy it is for you to start a Tumblr for the sake of mockery, let’s see what ya do here, ya jerk!

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