All Quiet on the Midwestern Front…

Things have been slow around here as of late, but there’s a reason! Not only have the movies I’ve been getting have I not been excited about watching, but I’ve also been watching Mad Men. Currently on season 3, which I am proud to have gotten to, considering Rampaige keeps complaining about me watching it. In fact, she won’t even let me watch it! Dammit! Well, just not when she’s there, it’s not like I can NEVER watch it or anything. I recently tried watching George Romero’s “Martin” but got about halfway through and just couldn’t finish. Not that it was necessarily bad, I just don’t particularly enjoy vampire movies, and especially not gritty ones that tell things from a slightly different perspective. I’m not just here to complain, though, because I’m also here to talk about two new movie posters! Here’s the first one:



In case you couldn’t tell, it’s for the remake/prequel of The Thing. Does anyone know whether or not it’s a prequel or remake? Supposedly it deals with the events of the Norwegian camp leading up to the events of the Kurt Russell version, but as you can see, by just calling it “The Thing” it implies a remake. The filmmakers have stressed the importance of practical effects on this film, and the teaser trailer that made its way around the internet last year was okay, so I’m going to hold out hope. Here’s the other poster:




WHAT A FUCKING POSTER. When I saw this poster for The Dark Knight Rises on my phone, I wasn’t at all impressed. It wasn’t until I looked at it on the computer that I saw the detail in the buildings and how they shape the bat logo and just kind of got lost in the thing. It’s almost like one of those magic eye things where I keep expecting something to turn 3D if only I could make my eyes go blurry. Usually I just huff gasoline for that effect, but I didn’t have any nearby at the time. Despite my excitement, I need to make sure I don’t do too much research on this movie because the spoilers I already read might have ruined a surprise or two. Dammit. Anyways, if you have any movie recommendations, feel free to send them this way so I can toss them in my Netflix Queue!

9 responses to “All Quiet on the Midwestern Front…

  1. I will sell you some gasoline, and ship it to you in a container that will be easy for huffing. But first you must admit the new Batman movie will be the best movie of 2012, and possibly the cause for the earth to end because of its pure excellence.

  2. Rampaige won’t let you watch Mad Men? What does she have against awesome? Just tell her that a dog wearing a suit and drinking scotch will show up any second and she’ll probably consent.

  3. You might be interested in Nine Miles Down (Reminded me of a less sci-fi Event Horizon) and The Poughkeepsie Tapes (a disturbing fake documentary about a serial killer), those were two flicks I really enjoyed.

    • I’ve seen The Poughkeepsie Tapes and definitely enjoyed it. I think the only think stopping it from being more successful was the production value and the actors could have been a little bit better. Other than that, I definitely enjoyed it. I’ll make sure to put that other one on my queue! Thanks for the tip!

  4. i don’t want to watch mad men bc it’s boring. they just stare at each other. take a drink. stare. have cool hair and clothes and furniture. do each other. stare more.


  5. Bedeviled. And also… You couldn’t finish Martin? That IS NOT a vampire movie. And it’s Romero’s 4th best movie. I may even go so far as to say it ties for 3rd. On an unrelated (to anything, really) note: I saw a woman with her 2 year old girl at the park today who had a Bruce Timm Joker tattoo. That toddler’s name? Harley.

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