And so ends the summer of 2011

Even though I’ve never been to summer camp, and at this point, probably never will, there’s a certain sadness to the end of summer that I generally equate to “saying goodbye at the end of summer camp”. We might only be in the second week of August, but I think everyone can agree that summer’s over. If you don’t agree, I’d just like to bring up a few things. Firstly, Shark Week is over. I normally say that summer might as well be over once we celebrate the Fourth of July, but now there really is NOTHING left to celebrate about it being summer. I mean, is there even anything to look forward to? That segues into my second point, which is that when I go into Dunkin’ Donuts, I no longer get to see large cardboard cut-outs of Captain America. Not only is summer blockbuster season over, but there really aren’t many movies coming out in August. Based on less than stellar reviews of Cowboys & Aliens and ambivalence towards Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the only movie I think I’ll be checking out is Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Not only that, but I got my job back at the movie theater on those days when I’m not at my other job, so I won’t have much more free time. The month of August is going to be a sad one, but at least with summer being over, that means fall is on the way! I get to wear my denim coat again and the weather will be more tolerable and then….HALLOWEEN! FUCKING FINALLY!

3 responses to “And so ends the summer of 2011

  1. Sorry pal, summer isn’t over by a long shot. You’re calling it too early like Wal-Mart bringing out Christmas decorations in October. It’s still hot as fuck out, and I still have a few more weeks to enjoy a pool I might never see again. And I don’t know if living in Chicago keeps you away from the country, but out here we still have county fairs, carnivals and summer festivals left before it’s apple picking and pumpkin humping. Call it what you will–even name it something different altogether–but the summer isn’t over, and fall hasn’t begun. Yet.

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