SEND MORE COPS – Episode 3 out now! And the app!

I guess I’ve misled you guys twice in one post title. BUT ONLY KIND OF! Let me explain! It’s true that SEND MORE COPS is out now, but I guess the exclamation point would lead you to believe it has only recently become available. I released it last week, which you might not have known if you aren’t a subscriber. Which reminds me, why the fuck aren’t you subscribing? AND WHY THE FUCK HAVEN’T YOU RATED IT ON ITUNES?! How do you expect me to compete with This American Life if you aren’t rating it?! Sorry, I shouldn’t be yelling at you. But yes, it is out now, the same way that Episode 2 is also out now, the way that The Muppets is out now, the way that the Bible is out now. I promise though, there’s far more Big Bang Theory content in The Muppets and way more ranting and raving about pointless bullshit in the Bible.


The second lie? That thing about the app? Well, no, sadly there is no SEND MORE COPS app (yet), but there is still some news pertaining to apps! Have you guys heard of something called Stitcher? Apparently it’s an app where you can stream podcasts onto your phone, and supposedly there are people who prefer to use that than to download it. What does that have to do with anything? Well now SEND MORE COPS is available on Stitcher! You can search for it if you want, or click the picture below. And to download the new episode, you can do so by downloading directly or by going through iTunes, as always.



Episode 3

No theme song? No problem! Be sweetly serenaded by your host, Wolfman, who lets you know why there’s currently no theme song. Instead, Wolfman tells you his thoughts on a few trailers he has seen lately, some not so lately, as well as gives a quick rundown of all the movies currently in theaters. And by “all movies currently in theaters”, he means some of the movies playing specifically where he works.


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