Atrocious (2010) [REVIEW]


It’s hard to keep a frame of reference for when something is “popular” and “anticipated”, or when it’s “forced down your throat”. For example, I constantly saw ads and promotions for this movie coming out on home video, and it gave the impression that this was a movie people were actually interested in seeing. Clearly I had the good people of the world in mind when I determined I would get this movie to review, so the masses could finally see my thoughts on such an anticipated movie. Well, when the movie showed up and I started to watch it, I realized it was distributed by Bloody Disgusting, which just so happens to be a website that I regularly check for horror movie news. Apparently there really weren’t that many people talking about it throughout the world of the internet, but all the times I saw it promoted on BD made me think it was everyone in the world. Sorry, guys! Here’s another movie review that maybe some of you guys have possibly heard of.


So this is what passes for teenagers these days? I’m pretending to hear a Spanish language version of Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild” right now.

A group of teens or young adults or something, I can’t really tell how old they are, have a show in which they investigate urban legends/paranormal events. This leads them to a house in their family where there is supposedly a woman who disappeared from the woods and comes back to steal people out of those woods. The investigators try to get video coverage of lots of areas of the house, but there’s only so much they can do or investigate, and things start getting serious when their dog is found killed in the woods. There’s some further investigation that results in unseen forces physically assaulting some of the members of the group, leaving them so shocked that they can barely explain what has happened to them. Oh shit, have I mentioned that the opening of the film tells us that these characters are dead by the end and this is just found footage? Well, we already know that, but the more that these violent assaults happen, the more the tension builds. Eventually it’s the mom of the investigators, I think, who ends up killing them? Maybe? I don’t know, it got kind of confusing and the mom wasn’t a memorable enough character to immediately recognize her as the killer. I don’t know, they were speaking in Spanish the whole time!


You looked better when in night-vision and not being terrorized.

I guess to say they were speaking in Spanish the whole time might not have been entirely accurate, because I watched it with the English dubbing because I don’t know how to read. It’s hard to say how much that dubbing affected my judgement of the acting, because I didn’t think anyone in it was all that good of an actor. I guess cutting out their voices would make me judge things quite differently. This movie had a low production value, as I’ve come to expect with all films that Bloody Disgusting distributes, but the goal is to take an independent movie and get it out there for more people to see. Despite the poor production value, what this movie did have going for it was the story. We’ve seen countless found footage movies, and yes, this is another one, but the urban legend of a possible ghost, resulting in these people being assaulted by an actual physical force was a nice twist. Maybe I could have paid closer attention to what was going on, but there was a good 20-25 minutes in the middle where I was really bored before things started to pick up. If a movie is barely over an hour long, and you have 20 boring minutes, that’s just about half the movie where I don’t care about what’s going on. So again, another Bloody Disgusting movie that had the best of intentions at its core, and some promising elements, but ultimately didn’t stand out. Maybe we can have an English language remake coming our way soon!


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2 responses to “Atrocious (2010) [REVIEW]

  1. It seems like you gave this a decent moon for all the shit you talked about it. Did you give it effort points or I feel guilty for not reading subtitles points?

    • A little of column A, a little of column B. It had potential, and I think if it had a more experienced production team, it could have been a lot more entertaining. Also, I’m just trying to suck up to the Bloody Disgusting team, just in case they see this.

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