The Devil Inside (2012) [REVIEW]


I’m going to break my routine and talk about the end of this movie before I go any further. This movie has been getting a LOT of shit over the way it ends and has caused everyone to walk out of it bitching and whining. Did people forget that this was intended to be a “found footage” movie? And that it was supposed to come across as a documentary? Well, have any of you seen documentaries before? Whether it’s a documentary about food or animals or abortions or whatever, the filmmakers will typically include something at the very end to give you advice on where to go to get more information on the subject. Would you believe that a movie who was trying to look like a documentary would end by doing the same exact thing? Lots of people are claiming this film ends abruptly and just tells you to go to a website. You’re right, it does end somewhat abruptly, but certainly doesn’t end any more abruptly than any other found footage movie. I can admit that it might be a little confusing (if you’re stupid) to not pick up on why that website popped up at the end, and maybe it was a weird bit of marketing, considering no one learned anything from the website, but people getting all up in arms about it need to calm the fuck down. Even ignoring the “abrupt” ending, the movie wasn’t that good anyway, so I’m not really trying to defend it as a masterpiece.


I prescribe you more fiber in your diet.

In Hartford, CT in 1989, a woman killed three members of the church in her home while they were performing an exorcism on her. Declared insane, she was sent to a mental institution that eventually shipped her out to a facility in Italy. Twenty years later, the woman’s daughter goes in search of her mother to find out if her mother is insane, or maybe if there’s more to the story. The daughter, Isabella (Fernanda Andrade), goes to an exorcism school to see people debating about the scientific vs. religious explanations for what’s going on. She gets involved with two priests, Ben (Simon Quarterman) and David (Evan Helmuth), who are going against the church and performing exorcisms on their own. They perform one on Isabella’s mother, which is when David’s behavior starts to change. After attempting to drown a baby during a baptism, the police show up and David kills himself. We learn that the demonic possession is jumping from person to person, including Isabella, and the film ends when the demon leaves here body but enters the body of the person driving, killing her, Ben, and the person making Isabella’s “film”.


Things got a lot sexier when a possessed girl decided to reinvent the Kama Sutra herself.

See what I’m saying? It doesn’t end any more abruptly than The Blair Witch Project or any of the movies in the Paranormal Activity series ends, it’s really just the website that people can’t comprehend. Does anyone else remember seeing this trailer a couple of months ago? It was pretty fucking terrifying, and it was only a trailer. Sadly, once it got to be time for the movie, it was just an expanded trailer. All of the more intense scenes or segments were chopped down and included into the trailer, so when you saw the same exact stuff during the whole movie, it wasn’t all that scary. I’m a sucker for stuff that argues science vs. religion and I think some of the exorcism scenes, had you not seen the trailer, were pretty well done, but it didn’t really leave much impact. Certainly not an awful movie, but it definitely suffered because of the success of its trailer and the poor word-of-mouth in regards to the ending.


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The Website Shown at the End

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