Okay, I know what the name implies. The implication of this blog segment is that the interviews themselves will be shitty, possibly because of the responses to the questions are boring or uninteresting. Another possibility is that the questions themselves are shitty ones, thus causing a shitty response, which would be far more accurate. Something I have really wanted to do with this blog is get the opportunity to network and connect with people I respect and admire, and in these pursuits, have come upon two different results. When I attempt to contact someone who is somehow related to horror films, I’ve found it incredibly difficult, as the people I want to contact either have too little internet presence to make contact, or are too big of celebrities to have the time to get back to me. When I attempt to contact someone related to comic books, I’ve found that it’s much easier to make the initial contact, as most of these people make their personal email addresses readily available, but am intimidated by their body of work. In short, people are either too hard to contact or have much too large a body of work to try and create relevant questions. This is where the idea of “SHITTY INTERVIEWS” was born.

The goal of this project is to create an entertaining article/blog post for you, my dear readers, with me doing as little research into the subjects as possible. The way I create the questions for each subject is that they provide me with a list of links of things they want to promote, I click on those links, and then try to come up with questions as quickly and superficially as possible. The inherent nature of this project is to entertain, admit my own shortcomings as early as possible, yet allow someone the opportunity to promote whatever is they’d like as much or as little as they’d like. I’m hoping to eventually be in contact with writer, directors, actors, artists, illustrators, musicians, bloggers, and anyone who wants to promote anything. I would just choose friends at random to just ask questions to, but I’d rather the subjects have some sort of internet presence so you can all see evidence of how or why I asked the questions I asked. Hopefully you guys enjoy it, and hopefully I can get better at interviewing people. Of course, if anyone is interested in being the subject of one of my “SHITTY INTERVIEWS”, I’m sure it won’t be too hard to contact me. Keep your eyes out for them!

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