Hey, everybody, CHILL OUT!

I guess I have to be honest with you guys, and admit that everyone is already pretty chilled. I haven’t had much time for posting reviews for the past few weeks and I thought someone might complain about it, BUT NOBODY DID! WHAT THE FUCK!? The biggest reason for the lapse in posting is because Rampaige and I recently moved and we’ve not really had the time to sit around and watch movies. Also, my movie collection/Blu-ray/XBox/internet have yet to be set up, which means I haven’t really had access to these things, even if there was time for them. Additionally, I’ve gone through and added EVERY movie review to the appropriate page for external reviews on IMDb, as well as added the word “REVIEW” to the title of every post so that people who are Googling might stop by and say hello. I’ve even gone back to the beginning, to my very first posts, and am revising them so that they have the appropriate formatting that you’ve all come to know and love, as well as editing them for errors I was too lazy to correct. I’m hoping this project of mine will pay off and I can find a few of my favorite reviews to then share as writing samples for other websites. This takes time, and I hate hearing myself talk or reading what I write and I realize now how big of an idiot I sound like. And yes, the rumors are true, I DID record a new episode of Send More Cops, but have yet to find the appropriate cable to upload it on the internet, and remember, I still don’t have the internet at home! Once all this shit is squared away, I’ll be posting with more frequency, as our new apartment had room for me to have an “office” to work on this shit. When I say “office”, I mean one room has been designated by Rampaige for me to stuff all my shitty posters and toys into so she doesn’t have to look at them. BUT THAT REMINDS ME…does anyone have any particular favorite post that I’ve made? A review you thought made good points or mindless rant you found particularly entertaining? Leave a comment if you can think of any so I can feel better about how much time I’ve poured into this fucker. Thanks!

2 responses to “Hey, everybody, CHILL OUT!

  1. i’m pretty much into all of the posts that mention me specifically. beyond that, asking me to choose my favorite would be like asking me to choose my favorite child. (it’s celeste.) but it also reminds me of a story i once heard about my wife trying to encourage a kid with autism to talk to the other kids in his class. he obliged by asking a classmate what his favorite digimon dragon was. when the kid said “i don’t know” the boy with autism said “just say enderdramon” the kid said “ok. enderdramon.” the reply was – “THAT”S NOT A DIGIMON DRAGON! HA HA HA!” anyway… what were we talking about?

    • HAHAHA WHAT A DUMB KID! That’s the oldest trick in the book! But no seriously, I can’t tell what makes a good post from a bad post. I’m assuming the longer, the better? That’s what she said? I’m Ron Burgundy?

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