SEND MORE COPS Episode #10 – 24 Hour Horror Movie Marathon Roundup and new season of The Walking Dead


Episode 10

It’s October, so it’s the time of the year that tons of people watch horror movies. What do you do if you watch horror movies year round? Why, you attend 24 hour horror movie marathons, of course! The Wolfman recently attend the Music Box of Horrors at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago and would like to tell you about his experiences and the movies he watched. Movies include The Invisible Man, Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors, Satan’s Little Helper, The Howling II, The Beyond, Phantasm, The Burning, Evil Dead II, and more! Also, the new episode of The Walking Dead just debuted and he watched that as well.

As always, you can either download the episode through iTunes or through the show’s direct page.

2 responses to “SEND MORE COPS Episode #10 – 24 Hour Horror Movie Marathon Roundup and new season of The Walking Dead

  1. Went to the Music Box fest as well, then found a flyer for your show! I passed out a bit during Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal and fading in and out of sleep during Phantasm. I rue and lament not getting the Wagyu burger. But I truly love Blood Diner, despite it’s questionable quality of being a “good” film. Great job on the podcast!

    • Awesome! Glad that someone picked at least one of my flyers up. I also fell asleep during Eddie for a little while, possibly a little bit during Blood Diner as well. Also, I think Blood Diner successfully pulled off the “so crazy it’s funny” thing that so many other movies fail to accomplish.

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