Watch Invasion Roswell tonight on SyFy!

Okay guys, enough of this fucking Sharknado bullshit. SyFy has been producing garbage movies for years now, and I don’t think Sharknado should really be the movie that brings SyFy into the spotlight. As if turning sharks into insane ridiculous monsters isn’t bad enough, it also has Tara Reid and Ian Ziering. No no no, people, why are we paying attention to shark when we need to worry about the real threat? ALIENS. FUCKING ALIENS. I went to Roswell once and that place was nuts. The town itself was a shithole and everything business had a name related to aliens. Whether it be the Cover-up Cafe, Alien Arboretum, or Prostate Probing Pavilion, the whole town was capitalizing on this alien business. We can’t embrace these aliens! We need to fear them! One day, they might come back and give us the business. Not like, consumer business, like, butt-fucking business. Find out exactly what will happen by watching Invasion Roswell tonight on SyFy!

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