Fast Fantastic Fest Wrap-Up!

Guys. GUYS. I’M ALIVE. I’M A-FUCKING-LIVE. Sadly, my computer is not. It is still dead. Dead as shit. It’s being fixed right now but hopefully I can get it up and running and post reviews from Fantastic Fest. Here are some of the things that I accomplished at this year’s festival:

  • Wore denim a lot
  • Saw 20 movies in theaters
  • Saw 1 movie on festival founder Tim League’s front lawn while eating Indian food
  • Found some denim twins
  • Ate a lot of smash burger
  • Didn’t like Eli Roth’s cannibal movie
  • Ate a lot of carnivore pizzas at the Drafthouse, along with milkshakes and warm chocolate chip cookies
  • Lifted Pat Healy on to a stage
  • High-fived a lot of people
  • Walked up to people I know from the internet, greeted them with “What’s up mother fucker?!”, got confused looks, told them I was the Wolfman and quickly dissolved the tension
  • Had some righteous BBQ (but not as much as I could have)
  • Sang some Black Flag at live band karaoke
  • Saw Bill and Ted standing in a boxing ring at the same time
  • Went on a tour of Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios, allowing me to touch a stage that Jessica Alba danced on
  • I don’t know, probably some other shit that I can’t really remember right now

In the meantime, check out the reviews that I wrote on a borrowed computer for Bloody Disgusting. These are only five reviews of the 20 movies I saw in theaters, and I saw a bunch more, so just keep your eyes peeled. If you are impatient, you can always check out my Twitter and Instagram for whatever crazy shenanigans I am up to.

We Are What We Are


Almost Human

The Sacrament

The Green Inferno

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