Another Life Update! (Boooooooooooring)

You might have noticed that there has been much activity on here lately, and you’re absolutely right. There hasn’t been. I am currently typing this up on my OWN computer, something I haven’t done in over three weeks. Holy shit, this feels so good. It’s been bruised and broken, but only physically. Its spirit remains strong. Now that I am up and running with my own WORKING computer, I’m hoping I can get more shit posted. IT’S ALSO OCTOBER. HOLY SHIT, IT’S OCTOBER. That means it’s Halloween month. I’ve already hosted two nights of horror movie trivia at a nearby theater, and tomorrow I embark on my first (of two) 24 hour horror movie marathons. For the record, I just accidentally wrote “marathongs”, probably because I’m not used to typing anything where autocorrect doesn’t take over. Yes, anyways, check out my tweets and my Instagrams (featured over there on the right) to keep up with the marathon tomorrow, in which I assume I will lose my goddamned mind. I look forward to being back here with actual updates of shit I’ve seen, but for now, you have to settle for this mindless drivel. Thanks for stopping by!

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