The Unborn (2009) [REVIEW]


This movie was in and out of theaters so fast that it made my head spin. I really only remember this movie being talked about by someone I worked with, and I feel like before I even got the chance to see a trailer, it was pulled from theaters. Maybe this is a good thing, so I wouldn’t have been upset for spending money on it. I also might have got it confused with that movie The Uninvited, which had “The Un” in the title, and my attention span is too short to finish reading movie titles with two words. I think I tried to watch one of them on the internet, but fell asleep, while Rampaige stayed awake and let me know it was dumb.


I know what you’re thinking. “Wolfman, you just wanted to post a picture of a girl in her underwear.” WRONG! There was a poster for this movie, with practically the same image on it, and did you see me post that in the poster section?! NO! So I am trying to make up for it here.

The first thing I thought when this movie started was “Is that Megan Fox? Dammit!”. I then thought “Wait a second, that isn’t Megan Fox. Niiiice.” Initial thoughts aside, I got creeped out pretty early. There was a dog wearing a mask, a girl cracking open eggs and having huge bugs come out, all the good stuff. As the creepy stuff progresses, you find out that the main girl, played by Odette Yustman, accidentally strangled her unborn twin in the womb with her umbilical cord. I really wish it wasn’t accidental, and she was practicing intrauterine cannibalism, like a sand tiger shark. Either way, her twin is dead and it’s her fault.


Even freaky looking weirdo’s need to cuddle sometimes.

Weirder and more violent things start to encounter fake Megan Fox until we find out that she is being followed by a demon. More specifically, a twin based demon. The explanation was along the lines of “Back in World War II, something something demon something something Nazi something something experimenting on twins something something.” Sadly, that’s about as accurate as I can get, mostly because I was pretty tired and still thinking about a dog wearing a mask. Turns out, our little Odette’s character is being followed by a demon from the Judaic culture and it’s up to Gary Oldman to stop it! They attempt an exorcism and hilarity ensues, only to end the movie by pointing out that Odette is being stalked because she is pregnant with twins, rather than being half of a twin herself! I figured that since I didn’t mention a spoiler warning, I would compensate with an exclamation point.



Some of the visuals in this movie were really creepy, much more interesting and terrifying than most American horror movies. It visually looked similar to some Japanese horror movies but this is, surprisingly, not based on one! That was certainly refreshing to see. Obviously it was influenced by cinema of that style, but it wasn’t completely trying to exploit it to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, interesting visual style was really all it had going for it. The story really seemed to be crafted by thinking up these interesting visuals and filling in plot points to connect them. Also the fact that it was a demon from Judaism rather than Catholicism was neat, but I think the only reason that religion was chosen was to purposely make it “neat”. It’s only an hour and a half long, so it’s tolerable, but if you accidentally hit mute, you won’t be missing too much.


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