Inception (2010) [REVIEW]


At my last count, I had seen Memento in theaters at least four times. Possibly five, who knows, that movie came out eight years ago and we had nothing better to do. To say I liked it would be an understatement. Fucking obsessed with it would be far more appropriate of a description. I tried to get all of my friends to see it, I bought a similar Polaroid camera as the one used in the film, and I wanted to talk about it all the time. So you could say I was a bit of a Chris Nolan Superfan since early in his career, but I’m not trying to impress anyone. Yes, okay, I am. Still, when I saw Insomnia and then Following, I was a little underwhelmed. Luckily, Batman Begins was fucking awesome. The Prestige, starring Batman and Wolverine as dueling magicians, with added bonus of Scarlett Johansson, and fucking David Bowie as Tesla?! FUCK YES. Then, The Dark Knight, which blew everyone’s minds. I went into Inception teetering on the fence on how excited I was, and not wanting to get my hopes up, and those hopes I had? FUCKING BLEW THEM TO KINGDOM COME AND LEFT THEM SPLATTERED ON THE MOVIE THEATER SEAT LIKE I WAS BEING ANNIHILATED WITH AN UZI BY JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT. In a good way, of course.


Don’t hurt those weird paintings Leo! Please don’t!

But, what is it about? Most people want to know this about Inception, because the marketing has been so cryptic. It seems more fantastical than anything based in the real world, but not physics-defying enough to be The Matrix. So what exactly is going on? Well, somehow there was a system developed that allowed individuals to enter the dreams of other individuals, and act through their own accord. By being able to get into someone’s head, they would then be paid to try and extract information that someone might not consciously share. This raised the question of whether or not  information possibly be implanted. Leonardo DiCaprio seems to think so, and then we see the results for the rest of the film. I won’t give away too much more, because the less you know about the details, the better.


This is how I feel when I eat too much ice cream.

So what was with all that Matrix type shit? Well, because it’s a dream, obviously there are rules that can be bended, stretched, but rarely broken. The concept is that the more you alter reality, the more you will stand out as an “intruder” of the mind, and your subconscious will attempt to remove the invader. This explains all the gunfire and the physics manipulation, but it really isn’t used as often as you might think. Also, if characters are inside someone’s dream, and maybe that person falls over, that will also change the way gravity works. Then there’s all sorts of “if you die in a dream, you wake up” type of situations, but since they are related to the plot, I won’t elaborate much further.


Can’t you see Leo trying to take a bath back there? Give the guy a break!

Christopher Nolan has done it again. He has taken a somewhat original idea, and did it his own way, with his own rules. I’ve recently been having discussions with some people who disliked the film, and they brought up some valid points, but none of the points brought up made this film any less enjoyable. Sure, when you create a universe with concepts about getting into other people’s minds, you might look back and notice a few holes, but I find that this in no way detracts you from the film as a whole. Remember in Fight Club when “Jack” was waiting for his luggage, then looked outside to see Tyler Durden steal a car and some guy chases after him? HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN IF JACK WAS INSIDE TALKING TO THE LUGGAGE DUDE?! Doesn’t matter, it’s a small detail that doesn’t really change whether or not you enjoy the film, unless you choose to let it bother you. See this movie and enjoy everything that comes along with it.


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3 responses to “Inception (2010) [REVIEW]

  1. “Jack” was a projection of Tyler Durden’s subconscious. There were moments in the film where this showed up, even though we don’t literally see Tyler Durden doing exactly what “Jack’s” doing each and every time. Fight Club was flawless.

    Also, so was Inception. There were no loopholes. I’d love to hear the valid points regarding the movie’s flaws. The change in gravity and physics happened in the dream when the bodies of those who were dreaming were being altered in some way (like, falling backwards, for instance). The gunfire came from the intruders of the dreamer whose mind was being invaded; his subconscious was acting in defense, but the dreamer never manipulated the physics (that was left up to the architect, and they were never the dreamer; they were there to simply create the environment).

    Here are the only issues that should be raised regarding Inception: How come we apparently root for these “thieves” if the only motives we know about them is that they steal, and that their morals might be in question? And even though this IS one of the more truly original action movies of our time (and I loved every second of it), how can they forget the sci-fi actioner that came way before its time back in 1984 called Dreamscape??? Not only is that movie so much cheesier, but it’s a classic, and a personal favorite. Couldn’t Nolan have at least recognized the movie during the press junkets or marketing for Inception? Or during his multiple interviews where he was too busy citing Blade Runner as inspiration?

    Lastly, you really need to give Following and Insomnia another shot. Both are excellent movies. Sorry you were let down. After walking out of Insomnia it was easy to say that it was no Memento (but really, NOTHING’S a Memento), but you couldn’t ignore the one thing that Nolan really gets: psychological thrillers. And Following was no different. Matter of fact, I’ll even geek out and say that Nolan’s Following was more enjoyable as a first feature, than the first features of two other favorite film writer/directors: Reservoir Dogs and Hard Eight. It’s just an opinion, but wait, this isn’t in my blog. This is yours. What were you saying again?

  2. First of all, fuck off. Second of all, how did a briefcase allow people to enter each others dreams? I can take some tubes and plug them into a game of Simon and push buttons all damn day, doesn’t explain the rest. Thirdly, shouldn’t you be taking care of your child?

  3. Sorry, someone other than me that pretended to be me visited your site and left that response. I’ll relay your message to them once I find out who it was.

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