San Diego Comic Con 2010 Video Highlights

I hate to get your hopes up, but no, I did not attend SDCC this year. Nor did I ever attend, for that matter. Unfortunately, any time I tried to book a flight to San Diego, they demanded I order two seats. One for me, and one for…MY DICK! OH SHIT, THAT JUST HAPPENED! Okay, that’s not entirely true. Actually, that’s not at all true. The second seat would have been for Rampaige, but she hates flying. Even though I wasn’t actually at the Con, I spent a fair amount of time this past weekend lurking all the rumor-mill websites as well as Twitters to see what I was missing. I would say out of all the things happening, I was able to narrow it down to my three favorite leaked videos of what was missed, and what we have to look forward to.


1) Complete Avengers Lineup On Stage

Obviously, we knew about most of these choices, as they have already either appeared in films, or had been announced prior to SDCC. There were really only two “surprises”, one of which, pretty much everyone knew. Mark Ruffalo had officially been cast as Bruce Banner, as the internet had been reporting, and they also confirmed Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. This was something alluded to, but never really further progressed. Is it any surprise that the lineup that will be this Avengers team is pretty much what I had already predicted in prior blog posts? Nope, I’m a genius, so it’s no surprise. I think Mark Ruffalo is a decent enough choice, but I think he will be used quite sparingly, especially compared to his larger, greener personality. I don’t know much about Jeremy Renner, other than he was in The Hurt Locker, which apparently everyone but myself has seen. It was mostly just cool to see how many people were going to be in this movie, it was funny to see ScarJo get really confused by Joss Whedon claiming he would “blow it”, and disappointing to see Robert Downey Jr. continue to be bitter towards Christopher Nolan.


2) The Walking Dead Television Series Trailer

I apologize for the shitty quality of this video, but I really had nothing to do with that. It’s easy to be doubtful of how well a story like The Walking Dead will translate to a television series, and it’s still a mystery on how close to the book the show will follow. Most people assume it will be bad, and this trailer proves…that it doesn’t look bad. Whether or not this will be good is still anybody’s guess, but this is at least showing us that it’s a good thing Zack Snyder is staying far away from the project, and Frank Darabont has a much better idea of the genre. I will wait until the series actually debuts before casting judgment, but this trailer doesn’t look too bad.


3) Ryan Reynolds Reciting Green Lantern Oath

Obviously, this isn’t official footage by any means. The closest thing to “official” is that he is saying the oath correctly. It’s mostly just funny to see the little kid ask him about reciting it, and when he does recite it, the kid’s eyes get huge and his mouth drops. I would consider myself a fan of Ryan Reynolds, and I support the decision of him getting cast, but he has his work cut out for him. I always found Hal Jordan to be more arrogant than a wise-ass, and clearly Reynolds is a great wise-ass. We’ll see whether or not he can be a little less witty and a little more full of himself, which shouldn’t be hard, because he gets to bone Scarlett Johansson whenever he wants.


Just a quick update this time around guys, but if you want to donate money to get me to go to New York Comic Con, then you can email me lots of dollars, and I promise to get a more thorough report. I might even take pictures or something! But, until next time, here’s a slutty Boba Fett.

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