Top Ten Comic Book Twitters to Follow

I haven’t posted anything about comics since Scott Pilgrim and I thought it was about time I did. Granted, I haven’t read any particular limited series or graphic novels, so it was a little difficult to figure out what to actually talk about. Being that today is Friday, I thought it would be a great idea to compile a list of the ten comic book related Twitters to follow, considering there is a phenomenon known as “Follow Friday”. Apparently, Fridays on Twitter signifies a day where you tell other people who to follow. No one has ever recommended I get followed, so fuck all of you who don’t realize how awesome I am. In this post, I will tell you who is funny and/or interesting, with the hopes that they might one day talk to me and think I am cool. So, in no particular order:


Who: Matt Fraction – hi i write comics like CASANOVA and IRON MAN and UNCANNY X-MEN and THE MIGHTY THOR. Why?

Username: mattfraction

Why: One of the few people who consistently makes me laugh with just about everything he says, whether he is ranting about Scott Caan on the Hawaii Five-O reboot or talking shit on other comic book writers, in the most jovial way possible.

Sample Tweet: “gonna make a fucking mint off these SCORT PROGRIM bootleg socks”


Who: Stephen Wacker – Comic Book Editor. Father. Dancer.

Username: StephenWacker

Why: The other person who consistently makes me laugh with his tweets, no matter what he’s talking about. I enjoyed his jokey-jokes in the letters column of Amazing Spider-Man, and it turns out he is even funnier in 140 characters or less. Most of the time is spent making fun of other people in the Marvel office, and I assume his desk is on the floor above everyone else’s, based on his demands for coffee and things like that.

Sample Tweet: “Been a misunderstanding. New Hulk show is just @TomBrevoort yelling at Marvel editorial staff while looking for donuts in new towns.”


Who: Ben Templesmith – Australian. In America. Writer, artist, rider of the Squid. Made career out of Werewolf sodomy and tranny Leprechauns. Eats babies.

Username: Templesmith

Why: Although quite dapper in appearance, just below the surface (barely) is a scathing resentment of all things human. Oh, and he drinks a lot. Not that he is some incoherent drunk, but I like to live vicariously through him.

Sample Tweet: “Sat next to strange old lady with sweat pants on. She smells. Her husband is worse. Cute couple.”


Who: Ryan Penagos – Editor of Writer, blogger, lover of tacos, tattoos, comics, video games, pop culture and cute stuff. See also: @Marvel and

Username: Agent_M

Why: If you need to know about anything and everything going on in the Marvel Universe, he will update you. Whether it be toys, comics, or movies, he has the inside scoop. Also has an affinity for posting pictures of cute animals, nerdy things, and hardcore. I want to be him.



Who: Geoff Johns – I like cereal. A lot.

Username: GeoffJohns0

Why: Just seems like an all-around good guy. Writing some of the best comics coming out of DC, you can tell how excited and appreciative he is in his tweets. He also responded to one of my tweets once, which was awesome.

Sample Tweet: “Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! ALL WILL BE WELL!!!”


Who: Marjorie Liu – Novelist, comic book writer, adventurer, and attorney!

Username: marjoriemliu

Why: Not only does she write awesome comics, she’s just so darned adorable. Most of her tweets are things like “Just saw a squirrell kiss a butterfly in the woods, time to bake some cookies”. Despite writing some of the grittier storylines coming out of Marvel, it’s a nice juxtaposition of imagining her living in some enchanted wonderland.

Sample Tweet: “What’s perfect on a crisp autumn day? Pumpkin sour cream spice cake cookies, gooey and hot from the oven. I ate too many.”


Who: Ed Brubaker – (doesn’t have a bio, but writes lots of awesome comics)

Username: brubaker

Why: One of my favorites writers, I will buy pretty much anything with his name on it, or even anything that looks like his name is on it. However, he seems to have a distinctly negative outlook on most things, so I can’t help but assume he tweets while sitting on his front porch, yelling at cars going by to slow down.

Sample Tweet: “Really sick of dishnetwork losing channels. Last year it was ABC and now it’s FX.”


Who: Warren Ellis – English Writer. Not Australian Musician. Lives in your brain.

Username: warrenellis

Why: Also seems to have quite a disdain for the human species, and also lives in the UK. He is tweeting with more insanity a good six hours before everyone else on this list is even awake, so he gets a headstart on the loathing of the human populace.

Sample Tweet: “Am carefully coughing on all the tables in the pub. Fuck these people, with their health and snot-free heads.” – at 8:22AM Chicago time


(not the Tom Brennan in question, but this guy is on Google Images, rather than the one I wanted)

Who: Tom Brennan – I’m a Marvel Comics Editor. That means you have to know this thing I’m thinking RIGHT NOW!

Username: Brennanator

Why: Another editor at Marvel, I’m not really sure why. I think Stephen Wacker made fun of him, or retweeted him, and I thought it was funny. I expect big things from you Brennan. Big things.

Sample Tweet: “There is nothing worse than being the guy who says “Yeah, he was in that movie with Breckin Meyer!””


Who: Batman – The hero Twitter deserves, but not the one it needs. So you’ll follow him. Because he can take it.

Username: God_Damn_Batman

Why: It’s fucking Batman. Okay, maybe it’s not always hilarious, but the guy always stays in character. Also, this guy is a lot funnier than Drunk/FilmCrit/LitCrit Hulk. WE GET IT! HULK TALKS IN FRAGMENTED SENTENCE STRUCTURE!

Sample Tweet: “People ask me what I’ll do when Gotham is finally free of crime. Three words: Grow. A. Beard.”


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