Prince of Darkness (1987) [REVIEW]


I was originally planning on seeing this movie in theaters for my very first viewing, but then Rampaige called me saying that there were tornadoes everywhere and people were dying so I had to go home. I think it’s pretty obvious what I had to do, which was go straight home, make her feel bad about making me come home, and watched this movie on a TV instead. Yes, I am a great boyfriend. No, I can’t believe she made me come home. Yes, she did lie about tornadoes being everywhere. At the end of the day, all that really matters was that I got to see Prince of Darkness, and that I think she felt a little guilty. Mission: accomplished!


That mustache can’t save you from Satan! Aw man, who am I kidding. Of course it could.

John Carpenter has rounded up some of his best buddies, like Donald Pleasence, Victor Wong, and Dennis Dun, to tell this story of Satan coming to Earth. A group of scientists are studying a strange cylinder filled with a mysterious liquid of unknown origin. It seems that certain scientists studying it are being overcome and possessed by a mysterious force. They start projectile vomiting a liquid into each others’ mouths, which is apparently how this demonic force gets spread. The homeless people who live near the building become more and more agitated and all the scientists start having the same dream of a figure coming from the building, beckoning them to join it. The more people who become possessed, the stronger Satan gets and the closer he is to being unleashed on Earth. Then there is a scene involving one of the scientists, the main possessed one, approaching a mirror, which is apparently how Satan comes through to Earth, but the mirror gets smashed in the process and I guess that’s what stops Satan. A happy ending for all! Except Satan.


Damn bitch. You got an ugly ass face, bitch.

I enjoyed this movie because, as you can tell from the description, it isn’t quite John Carpenter’s standard film. The way that real science was used along with the supernatural made it feel much more like it was based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, and I mean that in the best way possible. There was a very slow build of the overall creepiness, without one specific scene showing you what you needed to be afraid of. Using science to anticipate the apocalypse was fun, and since most of the movie takes place in one building, it wasn’t too unbelievable of a concept. It made you think that events like these could be transpiring somewhere out there in a building you might walk past every day. But the opening credits in this movie? FUCKING RIDICULOUS. They felt like they were ten minutes long, but since it’s John Carpenter, it wasn’t just ten minutes of names. There were multiple 2-3 minute segments of story that you thought meant the credits were over, but when you least expected it, BAM! COSTUME DESIGN BY MARCUS HETTLEKORN! It made the opening a little hard to follow, but other than that, very enjoyable.


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