The Walking Dead – Season One (2010) [REVIEW]


Considering it wasn’t all that long ago that I talked about the comic and the TV show, I’m just going to briefly discuss my thoughts on this season. And you’re right, it was almost a whole month and a half ago that I talked about seeing the first episode, but I don’t give a shit, because I really just want my thoughts out there. The first episode was a good introduction to the world of The Walking Dead, set up what the rules were, and let you know what kind of ride it would be. Considering most people watching had never read the comic book, there was a lot to explain, and the first episode did that adequately. The second episode introduced you to a few more characters, that were both featured in the comic book and not featured in the comic book, and storywise, it wasn’t really similar to the comics at all. You could picture the events of the show as feasibly taking place in the comic book, but still, some people were upset with the changes. In my opinion, episode 3 is where things really started to come together. The first five minutes were incredibly tense to watch, and all you were waiting for was Rick to finally meet back up with Lori and Carl, but knowing that she was fucking Shane made things realllllly uncomfortable. The first two episodes had set up the world they lived in, but the most tense moments of the show were how this little quasi-society functioned, which is why the comic book is so successful. The other three episodes of the series had it’s ups and downs as far as emotional tension vs. action and gore and dealing with zombies. The final scenes of the season left us with enough resolution in case the second season didn’t get picked up, but there were enough things hinted at to give you things to look forward to with Season Two. For example, only one character who survives to the end of this season isn’t in the comic book, and it’s a character with quite a bit of depth and purpose to them, but other than that, everyone else is already established in the comic. Also, there was a scene where a doctor that the group meets tells Rick that they will wish they had died, and when Rick asks why, the doctor whispers something in his ear that the viewers can’t hear. As a reader, I automatically assumed that the doctor told Rick that his wife was pregnant, which was a big plot point in the comics that caused a lot of tension with the characters. Maybe I’m wrong, and the doctor mentioned something completely unrelated, but it gave the viewers something to look forward to in Season Two. Considering all of the creators involved with this series, I think we can expect a few more seasons of highly entertaining zombie drama. Suck on that, Mad Men!


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