It’s been a few days…

And don’t expect a review for another few! Why? Because fuck you, that’s why! Hahahaha! No, I’m kidding. I have a few movies in my review queue, that I’ll of course get to, but this weekend is C2E2! And you know what that means, don’t you? Well, maybe you don’t considering this is only the second time this has happened. What it means is that I’ll be at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, bumping elbows with some of the most important people in, well, things! Chris Hemsworth, a.k.a. Thor! Eliza Dushku, a.k.a. hottie from Massachusetts! Not to mention Steve Gonsalves and Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters! Even Danny McBride will be making an appearance, in addition to all the awesome comic book people hanging out. Even though there aren’t quite as many panels that I’m going to be attending as there were last year, I still think it will be a good time. Can’t deal without my reviews for the next few days? Feel free to check my Twitter feed on the right side of this page, or just follow me for even more direct access to my Tweeting insanity. Excelsior!


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