Sunday Suckfest

Time for my favorite search engine terms again! Bring it on! Not the movie Bring It On, sadly, but, you know. Once again, my comments are in italics.


  • texas tie
  • fire in the sky turns me on – Everybody’s got their own thing, I guess? Nice work, D.B. Sweeny!
  • power girl fucking – I wonder if it was meant to be about fucking Power Girl, or just trying to find ways to fuck a girl…WITH POWER!
  • sack on head film
  • pregnant pornstars – Ewwwwwwwwwwwww……..
  • you porn old woman pregnant
  • mannequin making out
  • left her friend tunnel rapped film – Tunnels are some of the worst places for rapping.
  • man with horse penis – Why’s there a guy walking around with a horse’s penis?
  • lion is cool – They’ve got a point…lions are cool.
  • naked bitch babe
  • pervert tentacle
  • goblin eaten boys mom at the end of the movie
  • nick cave badass – I wish this took you to a webpage that just said, in huge letters, YUP, HE IS.
  • ed hardy ugly shirt – Isn’t that a little redundant?
  • heavy metal boobs – Those are some of the best kinds of boobs!
  • ugly chihuahua that’s hurt
  • sex teen shitting demonic
  • eyeball heads
  • girl style in the midwest
  • handicapped penis
  • short girl big boobs
  • babyanddog – NOTIMEFORSPACEBAR!
  • wolverine stop raping me – Maybe you should tell HIM that.
  • midget gay gangster
  • human cytapied crap in mouth seen
  • midget fucking a horse thailand
  • teenage mutant ninja turtles gay
  • hulk full boobs – I mean, She-Hulk is one thing…
  • why did humans start wearing underwear? – Well, you’ve come to the right place! Take a look at my newsletter…
  • bruce willis flying a kite
  • bear horse combo – Not something I’d want to fuck with.
  • naked womens buts – But what? BUT WHAT?!
  • busty girl monkey – Once again, the subtle difference between “busty girl, monkey” or “busty girl monkey”.
  • kurt bitch face
  • destiny’s child sad story – They certainly do have a sad story. A sad, sad story.
  • boy liking a girls boobies


And there ya have it folks! Enjoy! Also, for the record, Hot Tub Time Machine would have been a lot funnier if it was made exactly the same, except for anything that Rob Corddry did. So if there’s a director’s cut that has a version of him replaced with a busty girl monkey or something, I’d love to watch it. Thanks for stopping by!

8 responses to “Sunday Suckfest

  1. Wolverine Stop raping me…

    In a comic book in 2005 called the Pulse, issue 9, Wolverine has a drunken freak out and shouts “Stop raping me, all of you! STOP RAPING ME!”

    Kinda overdramatic and funny, that’s why people would look it up after reading, to see others laughing about it. Just FYI.

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