Scream 2 (1997) [REVIEW]


This installment is definitely the one I remember the least, and was most looking forward to remembering what it was about. I saw it once in theaters, and I think towards the end of the school year we watched it in one of my bullshit classes, but I didn’t pay attention because I was being too cool and wandering around the school. I did, however, have the soundtrack to this movie, which I think I got for Christmas, and I also got a portable CD player that year for Christmas. The funny thing was that I had unwrapped a portable CD case protector thing before actually opening the CD player, so it was funny. Wait, I’m supposed to talk about a movie or something…


It’s Jennifer Love Hewitt, and she’s pissed at you for having a career!

The events of the first film have been turned into a film within a film, called “Stab”. In the opening ten minutes, we see Omar Epps and Jada Pinkett Smith attending the premiere of this movie, only to get killed by someone in costume, without anybody noticing. We then see that Sidney Prescott is now attending college, along with Jamie Kennedy‘s character, and hearing of the murders, Deputy Dewey (David Arquette) investigates Sidney, along with Gale Weathers, which is the name of Courtney Cox‘s character that I didn’t mention in the last review. We also get introduced to a bunch of new characters, believe it or not, because it’s really just those four who return from the first. I guess technically the guy who was falsely accused of killing Sidney’s mother, Cotton Weary, is in this one, and he’s once again played by Liev Schreiber. Someone is starting to recreate murders from the first one, and we don’t know who to blame! Oh no!


“No no no, MY facial hair is douchier! How dare you!”

Sarah Michelle Gellar is in this one, which doesn’t really matter because she gets killed early on. One difference in this one is that cell phones, or as the movie calls them, “cellular phones”, are used a little bit more regularly. It’s the same kind of stalker bullshit, and people start dying, like Jamie Kennedy’s character, but not after giving this big long list of rules about sequels…KIND OF LIKE HOW HE GAVE RULES IN THE FIRST ONE! WOW! Anyways, he’s dead, Dewey gets stabbed, but not after having an awkward love/hate relationship with Gale, then there’s a scene where Sidney needs to escape from the back of a cop car by crawling OVER the killer, and doesn’t check who is underneath the mask, like an idiot, and then there’s some big confrontation in a theatre. We find out that there are two killers, once again, and one of them is a creepy guy from a film class. He claims that he will be able to find his way out of it by blaming it on movies and that he won’t be punished for his crimes. However, the financial backer of all of this murder was Skeet Ulrich‘s long-lost mother from the first film, who is the other killer. It doesn’t matter though, because they both get killed, and it turns out Dewey survived another attack, hoo-ray!


“Look! Over there! That’s where we can find more clothing and accessories from the mid to late 90’s! And more hair supplies!”

Before I forget, I didn’t at all remember the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar, Heather Graham, Rebecca Gayheart, and Portia de Rossi were all in this movie, so it was funny to see what they looked like almost 15 years ago. This installment wasn’t too bad, except it got WAY too self-reflexive with the movie within a movie shit. It was so fucking confusing and weird. There were scenes from the first film that were recreated with different actors, such as Tori Spelling playing Sidney and Luke Wilson playing Skeet Ulrich’s character, and I got so fucking confused when I hadn’t paid attention for two minutes to figure out what was going on. Other than that, it is about as entertaining as the first, maybe just a little bit less. It’s kind of frustrating because they introduce new characters, and you immediately know that some of them were introduced just to be victims, and others were introduced to be the killers. Maybe they shot themselves in the foot by only having four characters live to be in the sequel, but still, it was easy to just look at the characters and know they were going to be creeps, or they were going to die, or both.


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