The Possession of David O’Reilly (2010) [REVIEW]


If there’s one thing Rampaige loves, it’s supernatural horror movies. Wait, no, if there’s one thing Rampaige loves, it’s Banner. If there’s two things Rampaige loves, it’s Banner and supernatural horror. Wait, that’s not right either. If there’s one thing Rampaige loves, it’s Banner, and if there is one genre of horror films she tolerates over others, it’s supernatural horror. And ya know what? I agree. If there are two movies that I’ve never heard of and one of them is a slasher and the other is a supernatural horror movie, I’ll check out the latter. I guess there are quite a few interpretations and possibilities of how to use supernatural horror to scare someone, that odds are I will enjoy the supernatural more. For example, despite Paranormal Entity being a blatant and admitted ripoff of Paranormal Activity, it was relatively entertaining, considering the simplicity of the content. Oh, another thing that Rampaige loves is getting mad at me for watching shitty horror movies rather than good ones, so rather than make her watch this one, only to have her hate it, I watched it with JD to see if she would like it. Too bad she’ll probably never find out whether or not she would!


Yeah, sure, relax now….DIE LATER! HAHAHA!

Would you believe that a young couple that are characters in a movie called “The Possession of David O’Reilly” would be installing a webcam to capture things that happen at their house while they are away? So weird! Neither of these characters are referred to as David, so we get the feeling that something fishy is going on. A few minutes into the movie, David shows up, and is apparently friends with the couple who has just found out his girlfriend is cheating on him or something. Once the couple goes to sleep, David starts seeing visions of things and freaking out. He admits to the couple that he feels like demons are haunting him and he didn’t think they would follow him to their apartment, but they apparently have. Not sure whether to believe him or to get him psychiatric help, they flip-flop back and forth until these demons start haunting them as well. As the viewer, we are also unsure of the nature of these hauntings and whether or not they are real, until we get to the end of the movie where one of the last shots is seeing the female from the couple dead, and covered in wounds. Despite being unsure whether David caused these wounds or not, it definitely appears that these hauntings were real, and those hauntings were assholes.


Watch out! Behind you! It could be a g-g-g-ghost!

This movie walks that mockumentary line that so many movies have been walking as of late, always teetering on the wrong side of that line. It really seemed as though they never really wanted to choose one way or another what kind of film they were, sometimes using P.O.V. shots for the characters, sometimes the camera itself wandering off on its own, sometimes just watching the characters react. Not sure which style of filmmaking would have been more successful, but it seems as their indecisiveness was one of their downfalls. I understand the need to keep the audience in the dark about things, but boy, these filmmakers weren’t kidding! When all of the hauntings are going on, everything is really dark, and you have a hard time figuring out what the fuck is going on. As I mentioned, I’m sure this was done the try to increase the paranoia of the characters and audience, but it was mostly just disorienting. All of this discombobulation is what led me to not care about the characters nor about what would happen to them, and I was really just waiting for it to be over. Sorry, Rampaige, but this movie wasn’t that good, but now you don’t have to watch it! Hooray!


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