ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011) [REVIEW]


As much as I wanted to like the first movie, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. The cover looked pretty cool, but a lack of story didn’t make up for a few cool death scenes. I was surprised to hear they were making a sequel, especially considering the main character died at the end of the first one. APPARENTLY HE DIDN’T! I read that Danielle Harris was involved in this one, and I wish I could say that would help me determine if it would be any good, but unfortunately, her involvement doesn’t guarantee quality as often as I wish it did. Furthermore, Brian Austin Green was in this one, and he fucks Megan Fox when he could be fucking…NOT Megan Fox, my confidence in him wasn’t very high. BUT HEY, FUCK IT, RAMPAIGE WAS GONE SO I WATCHED THIS PIECE OF SHIT.


Quit acting like you’ve never eaten a knife before.

The sequel started where the first movie left off, with that girl who used insane superglue on the killer’s face escaping, along with some other dude who helped her or something. Shortly after they leave, some weird squad of people, all dressed similarly to ChromeSkull, throw him in the back of a van and take off. Surgeons “repair” ChromeSkull’s face as best they can, but it still looks like shit. I guess ChromeSkull was some rich guy weirdo who had a whole team of people, including Brian Austin Green and Danielle Harris, helping guide him to kill people. I guess there are some characters that are taken hostage or something and someone is trying to escape or something, I don’t know, it doesn’t really fucking matter what happened. Well, except for the fact that Brian Austin Green’s character was helping design ChromeSkull’s weapons and shit, and got so into it that he shaved his head and got a tattoo in attempts of taking over the “ChromeSkull” position. The real ChromeSkull got all pissed and shit, so he killed Brian Austin Green. At the end of it all, ChromeSkull won the day and survived, I think, because I think something happened at the end where Danielle Harris used a computer? Or something? Fuck it, I don’t know what happened, and I don’t really care.


You really think Brian Austin Green used a bald cap for this movie? REALLY?! Surely Mr. Austin Green takes his acting roles seriously and spares no expense to get into character!

Despite obviously not giving a shit about a lot of things that happened in this movie, I liked it more than the original. This installment really amped up the kills, making them happen more often and in a more gruesome fashion. The plot of the “victims” or whoever it was that was captured wasn’t any more interesting than the characters in the first, but the whole backstory of ChromeSkull actually was kind of fun to watch. We didn’t get ALL of the answers, of course, but a big thing missing from the first movie was how or why these victims were getting chosen. We got to learn how it was possible for him to accomplish this stuff and made us realize he was just a rich psycho, which was all I felt I really needed to know. I’d say that if you were at all interested in this “franchise”, which hopefully doesn’t go much further, you’d serve yourself well to skip the original movie entirely and be much more entertained by this one.


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2 responses to “ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011) [REVIEW]

  1. I did skip the original entirely, solely for the fact that Danielle Harris was in this one. I see that it does try and develop Chromeskull as a character a bit more than the original must have, but it wasn’t enough to make me hope for a third or go watch the first.
    The kills and weapons were probably the most entertaining part of this.

    • Considering the director, Greg Hall, is a special effects guy, I’m sure these movies were just reasons to use some ideas he always wanted to use but were too brutal for other movies. I’m sure he didn’t expect the first one to be a “hit” or anything, and never gave ChromeSkull’s background any thought.

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