I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) [REVIEW]


Did you guys really expect me to watch I Know What You Did Last Summer and NOT watch its sequel?! What are you, some sort of crazy idiot?! I think this movie came out right at the height of Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s popularity, and considering the trailer teased us with a scene where you see her in a bathing suit, so this movie was shaping up to be even more successful than the original. One thing that might seem confusing is that at the end of the previous movie, we see Julie James in a locker room and she finds the words “I STILL KNOW” written on the mirror, when the fisherman jumps through the mirror to kill her. Of COURSE they are going to explain what was going on with that sequence in this movie, right?!


Might as well just get this out of the way since you obviously all came here to see Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boobs in a bikini.


Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is completely alive and unharmed with absolutely no explanation of the final sequence of the first movie. Granted, we first see Julie waking up from a dream where she’s being attacked, so I GUESS we are to think that end of the first movie was a dream, but fuck off, that’s dumb. Julie seems to be having some romantic troubles with Ray (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) but she doesn’t let that affect her trip to a Caribbean resort that her roommate Karla (Brandy) won through a radio contest. Karla brings her boyfriend Tyrell (Mekhi Phifer) as well as Will (Matthew Settle), who is trying to steal Julie away from Will, and is made all that much easier because Ray chose not to go on the vacation. Once they get to the island, there is a dreadlocked stoner cabin boy type of character played by Jack Black and the guy who runs the hotel is played by Jeffrey Combs. Their character’s names aren’t important, I just had completely forgotten that those two were in this movie. Also, Bill Cobbs plays Estes, which was the arbitrary red herring of a character that was always creeping around the coeds.


See! It happened!


Once Ray decides he can’t let a hot piece of ass like Julie James get away, he decides to rendezvous with her, but when he sees a car in the middle of the road and offers help, he is attacked by a fisherman and then people start getting murdered all over the place. The employees on the island where Julie and pals are staying start getting knocked off, and Julie receives a note about knowing something about the summer or something, and Will tries to get her drunk to do her. He’s unsuccessful! In between scenes taking place on the island, we see Ray is buying a gun to make his way to the island to protect Julie, and even though Estes was originally thought to be the creepy weirdo responsible for the murders, he informs the gang that the fishermen they had killed used to live on the island with wife, daughter, and son. I think shortly after that is when we learn that Will is Ben’s son and set up the whole thing from the very beginning, and when Ben goes in for Julie’s kill with his hook hand, Will is thrown int he way and killed instead. When Ben tries to kill Julie again, that’s when Ray shows up and shoots Ben and then we know for sure that he’s dead. We then see Julie and Ray living a relatively normal life together, as they’re now married, but when Julie investigates a strange noise, her legs are grabbed and she is pulled screaming under her bed and the movie ends.


There was a point where this was the closest JLH got to a love scene, then she did Heartbreakers and now she’s a massage therapist giving out handjobs! And she even plays on in that show on Lifetime! Haha, nice one.


You might remember that one of the stronger points about the first film is that it had a relatively engaging plot that wasn’t incredibly obvious to everyone. This installment had similar success with who the killer was and the way he had planned the whole thing, except the reemergence of the fisherman who had fallen into the ocean was obviously ridiculous. Also, Scream 2 had come out the same year and had done that whole “relative of the original killer” thing so maybe it just hopped on that bandwagon. Another strength of the previous movie was that it could have been rated PG-13 because it didn’t focus on violence and death to get the story across, but clearly that’s not a strength in this movie. It seems like every 5-10 minutes there was another character getting killed for no other reason than they needed to kill (pun intended) some time in between the plot so they tried to make it gory. It’s like the executives were sitting in a room together when they got the call that Jennifer Love Hewitt was willing to wear a bikini so they all threw their hands in air and started high-fiving each other and tossed the script out the window. When Claire, the lowly secretary walks in to investigate the commotion and is told about the goodness so, being her first week, asks, “Don’t you guys need that script to know where the story is going?” That’s when Roger climbs down off the table shirtless and with his tie around his head, pinches Claire’s butt and says, “Who needs a script when we’ve got Jennifer Love Huge-tits in a bikini? We’ll just throw some blood and guts in there, so why don’t you shut the fuck up and give me my cappuccino?” Man, that Roger guy who I just invented is a dick, isn’t it?


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