Trick r’ Treat (2008) [REVIEW]


In general, I try to avoid getting too excited about any movie of any genre so that I am not disappointed. I watched this movie based on positive reviews I have read and a few images I have seen, so I was already setting my expectations high. Lucky for me, I ended up getting what I expected, maybe even a little more.


These aren’t your parents princesses. Unless, of course, your parents are creepy perverts.

This film is actually made up of four short films all based around, surprisingly, Halloween. One of my all time favorite horror movies, let alone movies of any genre, is George Romero’s Creepshow. This is a film that’s also comprised of multiple short stories and are influenced by early horror pulp comics published by EC, which later became DC comics. So imagine my joy of knowing there are four short films, and the opening credits sequence was even done in a comic book style. It’s like they were reading my mind, but in a good way.


It’s everyone’s favorite game, “Who is the least freaky weirdo on the bus?”

I won’t give away too much about the plots of the films, because they are short enough that to try and describe them completely would spoil all the fun. One story revolves around a principal who is apparently killing trick or treaters, another is about a prank to scare the nerdy girl in class with a local urban legend. There’s also a story about a group of four girls going to a party, one of them being a virgin, and looking for dates, when the virgin encounters a mysterious stranger. The last story that really excited me was because of how similar it was to a certain episode of Tales from The Darkside, which was a TV show created by George Romero and makeup artist Tom Savini. The episode involved a cranky old man being harassed by a mysterious mischief maker all night on Halloween, and the story in this film…is about a cranky old man being harassed by a mysterious mischief maker.


It’s Barbie Dream House – Billy Corgan Edition.

One big difference between this film and Creepshow is the fact that at some point in each film, the different characters interact with each other or make some sort of appearance. This was supposedly done to help establish the time line of the film, but I actually enjoyed seeing the characters in different roles. For example, in the first story, the principal is the predatory character and then later in the film, he plays the victim. It made it feel like all the bad guys got a taste of their own medicine, so that was certainly enjoyable. All the stories were a lot of fun, even if you felt like you had seen them before, they were all very well done. This film also had one of the more interesting werewolf transformation scenes I have seen, where the characters are actually ripping their skin from their bodies to expose their wolf-ness, as opposed to most movies where the werewolves transform into their true forms.


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