Lady in White (1988) [REVIEW]


This movie is supposedly based on a true legend that takes place in Rochester, NY. There is said to be a woman who roams the town looking for her daughter, who while on a date, was killed by a blood-thirsty suitor. I thought it was cool to base a movie on a specific legend like this, so I went in with high hopes. What happens when we go into something with high hopes, kids? That’s right, our dreams are crushed, and we end up really bored. Okay, maybe not in ALL instances will this happen, I am more specifically describing my experience with this film. The title “Lady in White” refers to, surprisingly, a lady in white who haunts the protagonist in hopes of him finding her daughter who was killed years before. Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? A ghost lady in white haunting someone repeatedly? Well, not really. Sorry folks!


Don’t let the flannel and beanie fool you folks, this man is no hipster.

The movie takes place mostly in flashbacks to 1962, with the narrator being the protagonist. He is about six years old on Halloween when some of his classmates trick him into being locked in a closet at school overnight. While locked in there, he has visions of a little girl being murdered, and during the visions, the murderer actually shows up and suffocates the child. He survives, but then feels compelled to find out who the murderer was to help give rest to both her spirit and to the lady in white’s. While this is going on, the janitor is accused of suffocating the child, because he was drunk in his office that night and because he is black. This means not only are the kids looking for the murderer, but the child’s father is looking to clear the janitor’s name.


Just a couple ghost chillin’ in the sky…no big deal or anything.

I won’t even give away the ending, because it’s very underwhelming and somewhat predictable. I think my opinion might be biased because I was expecting too much, but this movie definitely feels like it was more aimed towards kids. It was interesting having a young child as the protagonist, from such an innocent point of view, but this also resulted in nothing all that scary taking place. I also thought the racist undertones were interesting,  but they just never really followed through with those themes completely. The main reason I disliked this movie is because it was S-L-O-W. Slower than molasses…that’s frozen…traveling uphill. I honestly almost considered shutting it off, but I didn’t want to look like a pussy. Is it disappointing? Yes. Is it completely totally god awful unwatchable? No, but you might have to be under 13 to find it scary. And if you are under 13 and reading this blog, you should go to bed, and don’t tell your parents where you learned so many curse words.


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