A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988) [REVIEW]


Alright you fucks, here we go again. This story is about some people who were released from the institution from the third movie where we had the dream warriors. These people? MORE DREAM WARRIORS! But guess what? Freddy is coming for them again! Who would have fucking believed it?! Freddy starts killing people, including once when he is swimming inside some dude’s waterbed and some scene on a beach where he wears funny sunglasses. Also, this is the installment of the film where he rips his shirt open and you see all these faces on his stomach, supposedly of the kids he has killed. Remember how the dream warriors can party in each other’s dreams? Well, they can still do that, and somehow one of those bitches starts being able to absorb the “skills” of her friends that die. One guy knows karate, another, well, has good fashion sense or something? So she absorbs that. Real helpful. Anyway, she absorbs all these skills and then goes into the dreamworld to take on Freddy. There’s also all this bullshit about the dream world and the gates of good dreams or something equally stupid sounding? What? I don’t know, this movie was bullshit, but guess what…Freddy was defeated, only at the end for things to allude to him still being alive! HOLY FUCK!


I don’t give a shit that someone added their own MS Paint graphic arts work to this picture, because look at those fucking sunglasses.

This is where shit got real shitty. And insane. Did I mention insane? There is just NOTHING redeeming about this movie that I can think of. I understand the whole “this movie is so bad that it’s good” idea, but it’s just, well, shitty. I couldn’t take it. Maybe if Rampaige was willing to watch it with me, that would be one thing, but she fell asleep. Did I mention there’s a scene where Freddy wears sunglasses? I almost forgot…there’s a scene where this one bitch dreams she turned into a cockroach and gets stuck in a roach hotel. FREDDY, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? CAN’T YOU JUST CHOP HER TITS OFF AND SHIT ON HER FACE TO DEATH? WHY THE ELABORATE FAKE COCKROACH BULLSHIT? If they followed that train of thought, I wouldn’t be surprised that all of a sudden, OH NO! I’M A BLADE OF GRASS! AND HERE COMES A LAWNMOWER TO CHOP OFF MY HEAD! Or maybe, OH NO! I’M A PIECE OF GUM! SOMEONE’S ABOUT TO PUT ME IN THEIR MOUTH AND CHEW ME TO DEATH! Goddammit, this movie sucks, fuck you, bring on the shitstorm of number 5.


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6 responses to “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988) [REVIEW]

  1. I seem to recall a pretty sweet car crashing into invisible Freddy in this one. Am I remembering wrong? If not, that has to bump this movie up by at least an eighth of a moon, right? Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my affinity for the witty and urbane comments on these particular reviews. Kudos, gentlemen. Kudos.

  2. Part 4 suffers a bit in the scariness department by giving Freddy a little too much screen time and comedic dialogue, but you can’t deny it’s entertaining and stylish as hell. Lisa Wilcox also makes a great heroine, going from shy wallflower to butt-kicking heroine babe throughout the course of the film.

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