Friday the 13th Part III (1982) [REVIEW]


This movie was originally shown in 3-D, but I most certainly didn’t watch it in 3-D. I think watching this film in 2-D is the saving grace of it and makes it that much more entertaining. This one plays typically, with a group of kids going to Camp Crystal Lake to drink and do drugs and have sex with each other. But guess what….Jason’s not dead! He starts killing everyone, one by one, including killing a wannabe actor who has a plethora of masks, hockey mask included. Jason’s got his mask! He’s got his hockey mask! He keeps killing people, including one guy who is walking around on his hands getting chopped right down the middle with a machete. Bullshit bullshit bullshit, people think they have killed him so they leave, but there are nine more sequels, so obviously he isn’t dead.


That mask makes you look fat, retard.

I went into this movie thinking it would be awful, but it was so much fun. Obviously the movie itself was pretty bad, and didn’t really bring anything that exciting to the lore of Jason as far as content is concerned. It gets an honorable mention because this is the first time Jason wears his mask, and he continues to wear it throughout the franchise. Why they chose the hockey mask? Who knows. It might just have been a happy accident that just kind of stuck long enough with people that they kept it. Another reason it’s so much fun is because of the 3-D, or rather, the nonexistent 3-D. It seems like every five minutes, someone is either shoving something at the camera, or shooting at the camera, or something crazy. None of this Avatar “just trying to heighten the experience” bullshit, just “HEY LOOK AT THIS KNIFE IN YOUR FACE WHOA!!! NOW HERE’S A BAG OF WEED IN YOUR FACE COOL!!!”. I don’t know if it could get better if I actually had the glasses, but I highly doubt it.


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